Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: Yet More SWTOR Shorts

A Mother's Hope

Author: Drew Karpyshyn

Medium: Short story

Publication Date: November 17, 2016 on

Timeline Placement: c. 3,631 BBY

“A Mother’s Hope” picks up where Betrayed left off. We find out that the planet Senya Tirall has come to is Ord Mantell, where 3,000-some years later Han Solo will run into about two dozen bounty hunters on the same number of occasions. Also apparently Arcann, her son with the half-robotic face, is in a coma in the back of her ship. The reason she’s come to Ord Mantell in the first place is to find someone to heal the injuries her son sustained at the hands of you, the player. Once Senya lands on the planet, the story proceeds much as it did in the trailer we just watched, with her discovering that the people she came to meet are all dead and Vaylin attacking her.

Unlike in the trailer, however, Senya and Vaylin have a conversation while they fight each other. “SCORPIO is not the Empress!” Vaylin exposits. “She commands the GEMINI fleet, but they all answer to me. I am the one who sits on the Eternal Throne!” Despite this riveting dialogue, I don’t know who SCORPIO is and I don’t care.

Senya says that she doesn’t believe ruling the Eternal Empire is what Vaylin really wants. Vaylin replies, “You know what I want mother—to kill you!” At this point I started scrolling down to see how much longer this was.

“Mommmmm, you don’t understand meeeeeeeeee!”

Their battle causes a crashed shuttle to explode, which should kill Senya, but Vaylin protects them both with a Force bubble and then flees. Puzzling over her daughter’s motive for saving her, Senya returns to her ship and takes off, determined to find another way to save her son.

There’s nothing to this. 1/5 Death Stars. Recommended only if you enjoy long, drawn-out descriptions of people fighting each other.

  • DarthYan

    Knights of the eternal throne was good and there are fan ideas that are pretty good